Episode Guide

Season 7

Spellbound (#707)

When Wicked casts a spell on the Pompadorians to make them all adore her, Jackie and Digit must ...

The Deedle Beast (#706)

Digit is pet-sitting in Golftopia, taking care of Dewey, a lovable Deedle Beast. But suddenly Dewey ...

Father's Day (#705)

Airs: Thursday, July 27
It's the annual Father's Day Parade in Tikiville, and Creech's father, Max (Matthew Broderick), is ...

Blowin' In The Wind (#704)

Airs: Friday, July 28
Hacker pursues a career as a singing idol and goes on tour, leaving behind a book that contains the ...

The X-Factor (#703)

Airs: Wednesday, July 26
All is not well in Perfectamundo, a dome-enclosed cybersite, when orange spots are discovered ...

The Emperor Has Snow Clothes (#702)

Airs: Thursday, July 27
Hacker has crowned himself Emperor of Penguia and deposited the real emperor as a frozen statue in ...

Gone With The Fog (#701)

Airs: Friday, July 28
The CyberSquad is in Gollywood making a movie when Glittertown's top designer, hairdresser and ...

Season 6

Spheres Of Fears (#610)

Airs: Friday, August 18
In his latest and possibly maddest scheme ever, Hacker traps Digit and the kids in one of the ...

Chaos As Usual (#609)

Airs: Thursday, August 17
Introducing Memoryville, home to a vast storehouse of Cyberspace data, where The Slugball Open, a ...

A Perfect Score (#608)

Airs: Wednesday, August 16
While enjoying a little R & R in Solaria, Hacker is delighted to see Wicked, who is also on ...

Jimaya Jam (#607)

Airs: Tuesday, August 15
Hacker has discovered an army of awesome creatures he can use to rule cyberspace, but they are ...

Team Spirit (#606)

Airs: Monday, August 14
Interest is lagging in the annual Mount Olympus Games, attendance is sagging, and Zeus is not ...

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