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Season 33

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/Old House Discov (#3310)

Richard tours a neighborhood curiosity: a water tank disguised as a Greek temple. Tom and Kevin ...

Arlington Italianate Project 2014/A New Project In Arlington, MA (#3309)

Kevin and Tom introduce us to the popular suburb of Arlington, Massachusetts, and to a new project: ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/One Year Later (#3308)

One year after Sandy, three projects conclude on the Jersey Shore. Richard visits the "Mantoloking ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Stories From Sea Level (#3307)

Kevin surfs with pro Sam Hammer and cruises the bay with marine biologist Chris Wojcik. Sea-level ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Go With The Flow (#3306)

Roger learns about barrier island ecology, while the Bay Head job is in limbo waiting for FEMA. ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Lines In The Sand (#3305)

A Texas contractor explains how they're dredging sand shoaled in Barnegat Bay after Sandy; ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Built For Speed (#3304)

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, in a race for survival, is scrambling to bring the pier and boardwalk ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Getting To Work (#3303)

Kevin gets a look at decimated Mantoloking, New Jersey with Chris Nelson in a beach rescue vehicle. ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Drastic Measures (#3302)

Norm tours the Bay Head, New Jersey, revetment project with Thacher Brown; the Bay Head house is ...

Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013/Sandy And The Jersey Shore (#3301)

Months after Superstorm Sandy wreaked historic destruction on the Jersey Shore, Kevin, Norm and ...

Season 32

Essex 2012/13, A Home for Mom & Dad (#3226)

After a little antiquing at The White Elephant, Norm and Kevin help Tom install interior screens ...

Essex 2012/13, Design for Everyone (#3225)

Richard and son Ross Trethewey recap the geothermal system's installation with Norm. Tile ...

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