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Season 12

Repairing A Rotted Porch Post/Dealing with High In (#1214)

Tom repairs a rotted porch post. Richard visits New Orleans, Louisiana, to help a family deal with ...

Waffle Gardening In Santa Fe/Adding Mechanical Dam (#1213)

Roger visits Santa Fe to learn about "waffle gardening," a method of growing vegetables in an arid ...

Installing a Whole-House Humidifier in North Carol (#1212)

Richard visits Charlotte, North Carolina, to install a whole-house humidifier. Kevin and ...

Installing Crown Molding in Seattle/Replacing a Ro (#1211)

Tom heads to Seattle to install crown molding. Roger replaces a rotted fence post. Kevin explains ...

Installing an Irrigation System in New Mexico/Inst (#1210)

Roger visits New Mexico to install an irrigation system designed to work in a desert climate. ...

Demonstrating Uses for a Router/Replacing An Air C (#1209)

Tom demonstrates many uses for a router. Richard replaces an air conditioning unit that freezes ...

Preparing for Severe Weather (#1208)

In this special episode, the guys help homeowners prepare for severe weather. Richard visits ...

Planting A Maple Tree/Working On An Underground Ba (#1207)

Roger and a homeowner plant a maple tree. Richard heads to Indianapolis to begin work on an ...

Replacing A Leaky Skylight/Repairing A Noisy Toile (#1206)

Tommy and Kevin replace a leaky skylight. Richard repairs a noisy toilet. And the guys ask, "What ...

Installing A Shade Sail Over A Deck In Santa Fe/In (#1205)

Kevin visits Santa Fe and explores the Santa Fe style of architecture. Then he installs a shade ...

Installing a Pre-hung Front Door/Using Big Contain (#1204)

Tom visits Seattle, where he helps a homeowner install a new, pre-hung front door. Roger shows how ...

Replacing a Kitchen Faucet with a Hands-Free Model (#1203)

Richard replaces a leaking kitchen faucet with a new hands-free model. Kevin explains rechargeable ...

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