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Season 12

Building A Garden Bed In New Mexico/Repairing A Le (#1202)

Roger builds a garden bed for chili pepper plants in New Mexico. Richard repairs a leaky toilet ...

Replacing An Old Door/Hot Water Without Waiting (#1201)

The 12th season of ASK THIS OLD HOUSE begins with Kevin teaching the guys how to use Twitter. Tom ...

Season 11

Painting Kitchen Cabinets/Installing a Smart Therm (#1126)

Host Kevin O'Connor travels to Chicago to learn how subway trains are serviced. While in Chicago, ...

Making Custom Concrete Countertops/Cordless Landsc (#1125)

Host Kevin O'Connor works with an expert to make and install custom concrete countertops. Then, ...

Installing Surge Protection/Hardscaping Projects (#1124)

Master electrician Scott Caron installs several types of surge protection. Then, general contractor ...

Using Ladders Safely/Replacing A Shower Valve (#1123)

General contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O'Connor demonstrate how to use all types of ladders ...

Solving a Melted Mystery/Performing a Whole-House (#1122)

General contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner solve the mystery of her melted vinyl siding. Then, ...

Installing A Ductless Heat Pump/Led Lighting (#1121)

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and host Kevin O'Connor install a ductless heat pump ...

Insulating Ductwork/Maintaining Clothes Washers An (#1120)

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey visits Cortland, Illinois, to learn how corn is ...

Caring for Orchids as Houseplants/Purchasing a Kit (#1119)

Landscape contractor Roger Cook visits a tropical botanic garden to learn how to care for orchids ...

Building A Storage Bench/Making Watertight Connect (#1118)

In the workshop, general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O'Connor build a storage bench for an ...

Maintaining Kitchen Appliances/Installing A Rain G (#1117)

Host Kevin O'Connor meets appliance repairman Richie Issacson to learn how to maintain kitchen ...

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