Fons & Porter's Love Of Quilting

Episode Guide

Season 28

String Me Along (#2811)

Airs: Monday, October 31
Quilter's always have leftover fabric. Here is the perfect way to use up everything. Patrick and ...

Quilting With An Accent: Embellishment Techniques (#2810)

Airs: Friday, October 28
Quilt tops can be seen as a canvas. Our patchwork can be enhanced and accented, becoming a new ...

Red, White And Gratitude (#2809)

Airs: Monday, October 24
Appreciation can be shown in a variety of ways. A quilt is a heartfelt way to show your thanks to ...

Autumn Starshine (#2808)

Airs: Friday, October 21
Our quilts reflect the experiences of our lives. The autumn season turns our attention quilting as ...

New Hampshire Nights (#2807)

Airs: Monday, October 17
Quilters collect fabrics that "speak" to them. Marianne loves to collect reproduction prints and ...

Picnic In Provence (#2806)

Airs: Friday, October 14
Classics are always eye catching and Picnic in Provence is definitely a classic. Patrick and his ...

Freshly Pieced Vegetables (#2805)

Airs: Monday, October 10
Quilters love to find ways to surround themselves with art. The kitchen, being a place we spend a ...

Anna's Starflake (#2804)

Airs: Friday, October 7
Striking designs are created through a variety of methods. In this episode Patrick and Nancy ...

Dressed-Up Patchwork: Piecing With Alternative Fab (#2803)

Airs: Monday, October 3
Creating an original quilt, sometimes takes in a different direction. As quilters we work with ...

Kin Coterie (#2802)

Airs: Friday, September 30
When you find a block pattern you love, does it also have a "sister" block? We will define the term ...

Folk Dance (#2801)

There are dozens of "traditional" quilt block designs. This episode features a quilt that uses one ...

Season 27

Glorified Nine Patch Quilt (#2713)

The Glorified Nine Patch design begins with a simple varied nine patch, but with the use of a ...

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