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Season 47

Episode #4710

Airs: Wednesday, August 30
Trial gardens can provide many useful lessons for home gardeners: Which plants work, which don't, ...

Episode #4709

Airs: Sunday, August 27
Majestic miniature plants may not be something we, as gardeners, are ready to tackle just now. But ...

Episode #4708

Airs: Wednesday, August 23
A raindrop can be one of the most beneficial or most destructive elements on earth. And managing ...

Episode #4707

Airs: Sunday, August 20
In the South in early days, many of the gardens were English influenced. Adapting those plants to ...

Episode #4706

Airs: Wednesday, August 16
Every garden space is different and oftentimes the objectives for those spaces are also different. ...

Episode #4705

Airs: Sunday, August 13
In this episode, GardenSMART visits a garden that's undergoing a dramatic restoration. How do they ...

Episode #4704

Airs: Wednesday, August 9
A unique way to remember our nation's history is through plants. Some have been around for ...

Episode #4703

Airs: Sunday, August 6
Spring in the garden can be a wonderful time. It's great to be outside once again and many of the ...

Episode #4702

Airs: Wednesday, August 2
A community effort is getting kids and adults alike back in the garden. A win-win and a lot to ...

Episode #4701

Airs: Sunday, July 30
A garden oasis nestled in the heart of a large city showcases many beautiful plants and a wonderful ...

Season 46

Episode #4613

Visiting gardens with different palettes of plants can open our minds to new plants and new plant ...

Episode #4612

What is a "classical garden," and what might we as gardeners learn from this gardening style? Good ...

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