Garden Smart

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Season 46

Episode #4613

Airs: Sunday, June 11
Visiting gardens with different palettes of plants can open our minds to new plants and new plant ...

Episode #4612

Airs: Wednesday, June 7
What is a "classical garden," and what might we as gardeners learn from this gardening style? Good ...

Episode #4611

Airs: Sunday, June 4
Daffodils are often the first sign of spring. They are a delightful reminder that the gardening ...

Episode #4610

Airs: Wednesday, May 31
Does your garden have sun, shade, or both? Important things we need to consider when planting our ...

Episode #4609

Native plants are exploding in popularity, and for good reason. They've adapted to an area, thus ...

Episode #4608

A vast garden in the middle of the city has to overcome a number of obstacles. But with the right ...

Episode #4607

Container gardening is more popular every year. It's a great way to get that "pop" of color in just ...

Episode #4606

Color themes can unify a garden into a whole greater than its parts. But how do we best get there? ...

Episode #4605

Airs: Wednesday, June 28
New and different plants sound exciting. But where do we start? How do we fit them in so we end up ...

Episode #4604

Airs: Sunday, June 25
Gardening can present many challenges. Where do we begin, and how? Often starting with one small ...

Episode #4603

Airs: Wednesday, June 21
We gardeners take for granted many of the conveniences of modern-day gardening. And we should. But ...

Episode #4602

Airs: Sunday, June 18
As gardeners, many of us start thinking about and planning our gardens right after Christmas. ...

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