Bob The Builder

Episode Guide

Season 6

Spud Hits The Airwaves (#610)

When Mike Turntable, the Sunflower DJ, needs to get his new microphone, Spud volunteers to run the ...

Tumbler's Big Day (#609)

Horticultural Flex is busy studying some rare plants when he hears about Sunflower Valley's very ...

A Cold Day In The Valley (#608)

It's the grand opening of the Bobland Bay Promenade. As Bob and the team put up some spectacular ...

Bobland Bay Takes Shape (#607)

Bob and the team are building the Bobland Bay promenade. Tumbler wants the design to be unique to ...

Scoop's Challenge (#606)

Bob and the team are building an ice-cream parlor in Bobland Bay. There is fresh ice-cream to ...

Two New Machines! (#605)

Tumbler, the big and booming cement mixer, arrives in the Valley to help build the Bobland Bay ...

Work, Rest And Play (#604)

As Bob and the team build a drive-in cinema, cameras finally roll on Oscar Flicks' sea monster ...

Lofty's Big Day (#603)

A comet is due to pass through the night sky, and Bob and the team get to work building an ...

A Brand New Shelter (#602)

Roley and Muck are playing a game of skidsies. Roley takes things too far and accidentally crashes ...

Bob's New House (#601)

When Bob moves his mobile home to Bobland Bay so it can be his site office, Lofty frets about where ...

Season 1


Skip desperately tries to have a good idea. Bob finds a solution for Mr. Ellis's floorboard problem.


Bob's tools and biscuits are going missing. What can be the solution to Mr Beasley's Noisy Pipes?

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