Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman

Episode Guide

Season 4

Fetch Finale IV: The Prophecy Fulfilled! (#420)

The lost legendary Helmet of Victory is so close Ruff can almost TASTE it! He's just learned that ...

How To Really Train Your Dog (#419)

Uncle MacRuffmantosh is hot on the trail of the Helmet of Victory! He's chartered a train scheduled ...

Gearing Up For Getting Ruff's Goat (#418)

All of the Cat Grooming shows are competing with Ruff's ratings and he's desperate to find the ...

Ruff's Yard Sale Makes A Racket (#417)

Ruff realizes that he's a horrible shopper. (He just bought a sock at a yard sale for sixteen ...

Lepurr Strikes (#416)

A crime wave has hit the city! The sinister, disguise-wearing criminal LePurr has been hitting up ...

Ruff Needs His Herring Checked (#415)

Ruff has finally lost it! He's hearing a voice that no one else can hear. Even stranger, the voice ...

Shrimp A La Cart (#414)

Ruff thinks his "Crustationery" is a great idea. Customers will write letters on crustaceans, which ...

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It's.... Ruffmanman! (#413)

Ruff's nephew Glen has learned that a mysterious villain, Gamma Ray Person, is trying to harness ...

Ruff Bounces Back (#412)

Ruff is under a lot of pressure. To his dismay, he's recently heard that schnauzers are the most ...

Blossom Bawls While Ruff Has A Ball With Balls (#411)

Ruff is trying to market "Ruffball," a brand new game that's supposed to sweep the nation! ...

How To Break The Ice And Also Waddle On It (#410)

Ruff is getting ready to attend the annual convention for ARGSHAABPO, the Animal Reality Game Show ...

How Not To Impress The Press (#409)

In order to prep for his big spread in Canine Weekly Magazine, Ruff tries out a new beauty cream... ...

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