Episode Guide

Season 5

The Meaty Dimension/The Case of the Copied Mrs. Bo (#502)

THE MEATY DIMENSION - The Butcher discovers the portal where all of his meat is stored and concocts ...

Seize The Cheese/Ms. Question's Riddle Rampage! (#501)

SEIZE THE CHEESE - It's a beautiful Fall day and Mr. and Mrs. Botsford drag Becky and TJ away from ...

Season 4

A World Without WordGirl, Part 1/A World Without W (#413)

A WORLD WITHOUT WORDGIRL, PART 1 - When Becky's most amazing birthday party ever gets interrupted ...

Road Rage, Anger, and Fury/By Jove, You've Wrecked (#412)

ROAD RAGE, ANGER, AND FURY - Feeling at the end of her rope and fed up with all of the city's ...

Wordbot/Mount Rush Here (#411)

WORDBOT - In order to get back at WordGirl for destroying his robots, Tobey builds a robot replica ...

The Learnerer/Mr. Big's Dinner and a Scam (#410)

THE LEARNERER - Using his talent to see things once and learn them immediately, The Learnerer is ...

The Birthday Girl's Monstrous Gift/Hal The Haggler (#409)

THE BIRTHDAY GIRL'S MONSTROUS GIFT - After being captured by WordGirl and locked safely in a jar on ...

Have Snob, Will Travel/Tobey's Playground Calamity (#408)

HAVE SNOB, WILL TRAVEL - Unable to choose the most valuable items to steal, The Butcher kidnaps ...

Where Have All The Villains Gone?/Captain Tangent (#407)

WHERE HAVE ALL THE VILLAINS GONE? - Ms. Question comes up with a brilliant plan to get rid of ...

Wordgirl and Bobbleboy/Crime in the Key of V (#406)

WORDGIRL AND BOBBLEBOY - TJ decides to make and sell his own WordGirl bobblehead dolls at all of ...

Whammer Anniversary/Rat Trap (#405)

WHAMMER ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. Bots ford leave Becky to babysit TJ so they can celebrate their ...

Chuck with a Sidekick of Brent/Yarn-4-Gold (#404)

CHUCK WITH A SIDEKICK OF BRENT - Once again Chuck teams up with his successful brother, Brent who ...

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