New Scandinavian Cooking

Episode Guide

Season 3

Captain Haddock (#307)

Andreas visits the wind-blown peninsula of Stad in Western Norway, where boats set sail to catch ...

Fire In The Belly (#306)

Andreas examines how fire changed the way people cook. With an open fire and local salmon, he makes ...

Costal Express (#305)

Starting in the Sami territories of the Arctic, Andreas makes reindeer burgers with wild mushrooms, ...

Oil Adventure (#304)

Is cold-pressed rapeseed oil the olive oil of the north? To find out, Andreas travels to the old ...

It All Starts With Kids (#303)

Andreas visits Geitmyra Farm in the middle of Oslo, Norway, the site of his new food culture center ...

Popular Sausage (#302)

Sausages serve a special function in Norway, both as an everyday meal and as festive food. In this ...

Rich Farmland (#301)

Andreas visits the county of Hedmark in Eastern Norway, a region known for big farms and abundance ...

Season 2

Southern Norway: Smoke And Water (#211)

On a brisk winter day, host Andreas Viestad travels to Vestfold in Southern Norway at the peak of ...

Northern Norway: Ice Cold Bounty (#210)

In this episode, host Andreas Viestad explores the rugged coastline of Vesteralen in Northern ...

Western Norway: A World Of Apples (#209)

Host Andreas Viestad visits Hardanger, the "apple orchard" of Western Norway. Andreas makes an ...

Southern Norway: A Modest But Generous Spud (#208)

In the South inland region of Norway, host Andreas Viestad cooks with one of the most loved ...

The Coast Of Mid Norway: Shellfish Eldorado (#205)

Host Andreas Viestad visits some of the richest fish banks in mid-Norway and then prepares a ...

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