Growing a Greener World

Episode Guide

Season 7

The Private Garden Of A Public Gardener (Wayne, Pa (#717)

Airs: Monday, October 31

The Green Bronx Machine: The Power Of A Classroom (#716)

Airs: Friday, October 28
Stephen Ritz will be the first to tell you he's not a farmer. But while his days are spent mostly ...

The Compost Peddlers (Austin, Tx) (#715)

Airs: Thursday, October 27
America is on a mission to lighten their environmental footprint while reducing waste going into ...

Redeeming Your Ground (Atlanta, Ga) (#714)

Airs: Thursday, October 6
How often do we move into a house that provides adequate shelter but does nothing to beckon you ...

Growing Healthy Foods And Sustainable Communities (#713)

Airs: Wednesday, October 5
The modern farmer often bears no resemblance to the old stereotype. Many young farmers today are ...

Growing Big Flavors In Small Spaces (Los Angeles, (#712)

Airs: Tuesday, October 4
The busier we get, the more we seem to seek a time when life wasn't so fast. A movement toward a ...

Community Gardens: Growing So Much More Than Plant (#711)

Airs: Monday, October 3
Having an opportunity to participate in a community garden builds a sense of community like nothing ...

Saving Seeds For Future Generations: Seed Savers E (#710)

Airs: Thursday, October 20
Few people realize that less than 10% of all seed varieties commonly grown in 1900 are still with ...

The Edible Schoolyard: A Class Without Walls and a Love to Learn (Berkeley, CA) (#709)

Airs: Wednesday, October 19
In all the years of producing episodes for Growing a Greener World, one theme observed that always ...

Beyond Veggies: Adding Fruit to Your Food Garden (St. Louis, MO) (#708)

Airs: Tuesday, October 18
The natural first step to growing food is usually a small vegetable plot or garden. For many, the ...

Know Your Farmer: Supporting Community Agriculture (#707)

Airs: Sunday, October 16
The next best thing to growing your own fresh produce is to have someone local do it for you. ...

Beyond Organic Gardening: The Principles of Permaculture (Raleigh, NC and Americus, GA) (#706)

Airs: Sunday, October 9
While organic gardening is a great way to work in harmony with nature as we learn to garden and ...

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