Growing A Greener World

Episode Guide

Season 7

Regenerating Detroit Through Urban Gardening (Detr (#702)

Airs: Tuesday, July 12
Once America's most productive manufacturing city, Detroit's landscape took a turn for the worse in ...

The Giving Garden: Ample Harvest Helps Share The B (#701)

Airs: Tuesday, July 5
If you've ever grown a vegetable garden, you've probably had more of something than you could use ...

Season 6

Designing The Landscape (Atlanta, Ga) (#626)

Airs: Wednesday, July 27
Want to learn how great designers create beautiful landscapes? Joe Lamp'l and Brie Arthur team up ...

Debunking Gardening Myths With Linda Chalker Scott (#625)

Airs: Tuesday, July 26
Dig a ten-dollar hole for a one-dollar plant. "Water deeply but infrequently." Thanks to new ...

Growing Without Soil: Hydroponics (Atlanta, GA; New York City; Raleigh, NC) (#624)

Airs: Monday, July 25
Growing hydroponically- without soil- offers many advantages, from fewer pest and diseases to being ...

Year-Round Growing With Eliot Coleman (Harborside, (#623)

Airs: Friday, July 22
It's a GGW trip to the extreme northeast as we visit acclaimed authors and accomplished gardening ...

Compost, Compost Everywhere: How It's Made (Seattle WA) (#622)

Airs: Thursday, July 21
Healthy plants start with healthy soil, and healthy soil starts with compost. In this episode, we ...

The New Generation of Farmers: Thinking Big While Staying Small (Various cities in GA) (#621)

Airs: Wednesday, July 20
A new breed of farmer is emerging in America. These farmers are young, hardworking, and ...

Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife With Native Plants (#620)

Airs: Sunday, July 17
In too many places of our country, there is no place left for wildlife, but in the landscapes and ...

Design Tips For A Small Space Garden (San Francisco, Seattle, Raleigh) (#619)

Airs: Sunday, July 10
More people are moving into metropolitan cities, where yards are becoming smaller or even ...

The Truth About Organic Gardening (St. Paul, MN) (#618)

Airs: Sunday, July 3
Buyer beware: just because it's organic doesn't automatically make it a better option. Dr. Jeff ...

Four Farmers & A Bus: Sol Food (Various Cities Acr (#617)

Airs: Thursday, July 14
GGW takes an old-fashioned road trip to follow a group of four young gardeners traveling the ...

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