Growing a Greener World

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Season 7

Gardening In The Desert Southwest (Phoenix, Az) (#726)

Airs: Tuesday, December 27
When it comes to gardening, one size most certainly does not fit all. What grows well in the cool ...

A Year In The Life Of The Garden Farm (Atlanta, Ga (#725)

Airs: Monday, December 26
Over the years, viewers have always enjoyed getting specific ideas and tips about whatever is ...

Gardening For Butterflies & Other Beneficial Insec (#724)

Airs: Friday, December 23
Ask a gardener these days what's on their short list of upcoming projects, and they'll likely name ...

In Susan's Garden: A Backyard Habitat In Harmony W (#723)

Airs: Thursday, December 22
One thing all gardeners have in common is the desire to see other people's beautiful gardens. In ...

The Waterwise Home & Garden (Los Angeles, Ca) (#721)

Airs: Wednesday, December 21
With severe droughts seeming to become commonplace and access to water for irrigation increasingly ...

Preserving The Harvest - Capturing That Taste Of S (#720)

Airs: Tuesday, December 20
Gardeners are famous for their exuberance in planting their food gardens each spring. A healthy ...

Hope For Heroes: The Farmer Veteran Coalition (#719)

Airs: Monday, December 19
Ask almost any returning war veteran and they'll tell you that the hardest part of the war is not ...

Controlling Garden Pests, Diseases, And Weeds Orga (#718)

Airs: Friday, December 16
While garden pests, diseases, and weeds are a fact of life, the harsh chemicals often used to treat ...

The Private Garden Of A Public Gardener (Wayne, Pa (#717)

Airs: Thursday, December 15

The Green Bronx Machine: The Power Of A Classroom (#716)

Airs: Wednesday, December 14
Stephen Ritz will be the first to tell you he's not a farmer. But while his days are spent mostly ...

The Compost Peddlers (Austin, Tx) (#715)

Airs: Sunday, December 11
America is on a mission to lighten their environmental footprint while reducing waste going into ...

Redeeming Your Ground (Atlanta, Ga) (#714)

Airs: Monday, December 12
How often do we move into a house that provides adequate shelter but does nothing to beckon you ...

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