Growing A Greener World

Episode Guide

Season 6

A Primer On Pruning (Columbus, OH; Mount Airy, NC; Atlanta, GA) (#616)

Airs: Wednesday, July 13
Pruning helps shape a plant or tree while promoting future growth. But if done correctly, it can do ...

The Rodale Institute, Champions Of Organic Gardening (#615)

Airs: Tuesday, July 12
In this episode, Joe Lamp'l visits with the first family of modern organic gardening at the Rodale ...

Moss Is Boss (Raleigh, NC) (#614)

Airs: Monday, July 11
Many of us look right past moss in the garden, or see it as a nuisance to be pressure-washed away. ...

Aquaponics: Raising Fish And Plants Together (San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL) (#613)

Airs: Friday, July 8
From small tabletop setups to huge commercial warehouse operations, we explore the practice of ...

Practical Steps To A Weedless Garden (New Paltz NY) (#612)

Airs: Thursday, July 7
Weeds: the bane of every gardener everywhere. Well, almost. In this episode, we meet Dr. Lee Reich. ...

Annie's Annuals: Preserving Horticultural Diversity (San Francisco, CA) (#611)

Airs: Wednesday, July 6
Annie's Annuals and Perennials is a small retail nursery specializing in growing plants that large ...

Bringing Bees Back (Skagit Valley, WA) (#610)

Airs: Tuesday, July 5
The humble honeybee plays a critical role in our global ecosystem, and its endangered status ...

Rooftop Farming In Nyc (New York City, NY) (#609)

Airs: Monday, July 4
Amidst the hustle and bustle, few would guess that sitting high above rush hour traffic are ...

The Business Of Urban Backyard Food Gardens (Seattle, WA; Brooklyn, NY) (#608)

Airs: Friday, July 1
Eating local and seasonal is more than just a foodie trend. Some people have the time and land to ...

Oh, Deer! Dealing With Garden Pests (Athens, GA; Mount Airy, NC) (#607)

Airs: Thursday, June 30
Trying to live in harmony with nature can test anyone's patience, especially when uninvited ...

Fan Favorites From 5 Years (All Over The US) (#606)

Airs: Wednesday, June 29
With over 100 episodes broadcast so far and countless emails and comments from our viewers about ...

Starting Seeds, A To Z (Mount Airy, NC) (#605)

Airs: Tuesday, June 28
Nothing scares new gardeners (and even some veterans) like starting a vegetable crop from seed. But ...

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