Growing A Greener World

Episode Guide

Season 5

The Greening Of Suburbia: Lake County, Illinois (#509)

In years past, developers would build typical subdivisions around golf courses and tennis courts. ...

Bountiful Harvest: Birmingham, Al (#508)

From seed to pantry, we share not only how to get the best flavors from the garden, but how to ...

The Weekend Farmer; Beyond The Garden-The Basics O (#507)

For many, the longing for a more rural lifestyle comes calling sooner or later. Just a small plot ...

In The Garden With Margaret Roach: New York (#506)

Airs: Monday, May 11
Former senior executive for Martha Stewart shares how her garden saved her and how it IS possible ...

Container Gardening From A To Z: Atlanta, Ga (#505)

Airs: Friday, May 8
We can all appreciate the beauty of colorful containers of plants and flowers to dress up any ...

Setting Up A Garden: Atlanta, Ga (#504)

Airs: Thursday, May 7
In this episode, host, Joe Lamp'l invites viewers into his own backyard as he creates a large ...

Solitary Bees; The Unsung Heroes In The World Of Pollinators: Atlanta, GA (#503)

Airs: Wednesday, May 6
Today, backyard gardeners may hold the key to the future success of food on our plates. While ...

Behind The Scenes With Ggw: Atlanta, Ga (#502)

Airs: Tuesday, May 5
With nearly 75 episodes over three seasons, a lot has gone into the planning of each and every one. ...

Creating An Edible Fruit Garden: Atlanta, Ga (#501)

Airs: Monday, May 4
The first step for most new food gardeners is the addition of a few vegetable and herb plants. Yet ...

Season 4

Winter Gardening: (Harborside, Me) (#426)

The start of the next gardening season begins with making good decisions much earlier. Joe Lamp'l ...

The Four Seasons Garden (Harborside, Me) (#425)

We visit Maine and gardening guru, Eliot Coleman, who shares his knowledge on growing vegetables ...

Common Ground Fair (Unity, Me) (#424)

We visit a long-running New England fair that celebrates organic farming & rural living to see what ...

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