Paint This With Jerry Yarnell

Episode Guide

Season 17

King Of His Domain, Part 4 (#1713)

In the final episode in this series, Jerry explains the proper way to underpaint the bear with the ...

King Of His Domain, Part 3 (#1712)

In the third episode, Jerry uses the soft-vine charcoal to sketch in the main subjects in the ...

King Of His Domain, Part 2 (#1711)

In the second episode, Jerry takes his students through the process of painting in the very distant ...

King Of His Domain, Part 1 (#1710)

Acrylic painting, 18x24 Horizontal. In this episode, Jerry shows his students how to correctly use ...

A Cunning Predator, Part 4 (#1709)

In the final episode, Jerry explains how to anatomically sketch the coyote with soft-vine charcoal. ...

A Cunning Predator, Part 3 (#1708)

In the third episode Jerry continues explaining to his students how to use the #10 bristle brush ...

A Cunning Predator, Part 2 (#1707)

Airs: Monday, August 1
In episode 2, Jerry takes his students through the process of applying multiple layers of short, ...

A Cunning Predator, Part 1 (#1706)

Airs: Friday, July 29
Acrylic Painting.18x24 Horizontal. In the first episode of "A Cunning Predator," Jerry discusses ...

Cowboy Campfire, Part 5 (#1705)

Airs: Monday, July 25
In our fifth and final episode of this reminisce painting called "Cowboy Campfire," Jerry adds ...

Cowboy Campfire, Part 4 (#1704)

Airs: Friday, July 22
In this episode, Jerry shows additional sketches he is using for his roadmap in this painting. ...

Cowboy Campfire, Part 3 (#1703)

Airs: Monday, July 18
In episode 3, Jerry uses the #2 chisel-edge brush to block in intermediate details: horse, saddle, ...

Cowboy Campfire, Part 2 (#1702)

Airs: Friday, July 15
In episode 2, Jerry has sketched in a chuck wagon, a horse, a cowboy (or two), and campfire using ...

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