Paint This With Jerry Yarnell

Episode Guide

Season 22

Backwater Swamps, Part 1 (#2206)

Airs: Friday, April 28
Acrylic Medium on 18x24 horizontal stretched canvas. In the opening episode, Jerry discusses with ...

Basket Of Plenty, Part 5 (#2205)

Airs: Monday, April 24
In this final episode, Jerry shows his viewers how to apply final highlights and details to the ...

Basket Of Plenty, Part 4 (#2204)

Airs: Friday, April 21
In this episode, Jerry first shows how to dry brush a soft glow of sunlight in the upper left ...

Basket Of Plenty, Part 3 (#2203)

Airs: Monday, April 17
In episode 3, Jerry shows his viewers how to continue to highlight the basket then discusses more ...

Basket Of Plenty, Part 2 (#2202)

Airs: Friday, April 14
In episode 2, Jerry shows his viewers how to paint intermediate highlights on the basket. Then ...

Basket Of Plenty, Part 1 (#2201)

Airs: Monday, April 10
Acrylic Medium on 12x24 horizontal stretched canvas. In this first episode, Jerry takes his viewers ...

Season 21

A Frosty Tradition, Part 5 (#2113)

Airs: Friday, April 7
In the final episode of this series, Jerry takes his viewers through the process of painting in the ...

A Frosty Tradition, Part 4 (#2112)

Airs: Monday, April 3
In this session, Jerry shows his viewers how to properly under-paint the snowman using a ...

A Frosty Tradition, Part 3 (#2111)

Airs: Friday, March 31
In this episode, Jerry begins by painting final highlights and details on the farm house. Then he ...

A Frosty Tradition, Part 2 (#2110)

Airs: Monday, March 27
In this first episode, Jerry re-sketches the farm house. Now he begins applying the second layer of ...

A Frosty Tradition, Part 1 (#2109)

Acrylic Medium on 16x20 horizontal stretched canvas. In this first episode Jerry explains why the ...

A Colorful Gateway, Part 4 (#2108)

In the final session Jerry begins by explaining the details he will be adding. Then he proceeds to ...

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