Paint This With Jerry Yarnell

Episode Guide

Season 19

African Cat Nap, Part 4 (#1912)

In the fourth episode, Jerry focuses on more details to begin finishing the wildlife and grasses. ...

African Cat Nap, Part 3 (#1911)

In the third episode, Jerry's focus will be the intermediate details and highlights. With #4 ...

African Cat Nap, Part 2 (#1910)

In this episode, Jerry continues blocking in the second phase of background. With #4 chisel-edge ...

African Cat Nap, Part 1 (#1909)

Acrylic Medium, 18x24 Gallery Wrap Canvas. Continuing on with our focus on African wildlife, Jerry ...

Big Ears, Part 4 (#1908)

In the final episode Jerry continues with the work on the Kudu - specifically with the #4 ...

Big Ears, Part 3 (#1907)

In the third episode, Jerry continues work on the Kudu. Using #4 script-liner brush, starts some ...

Big Ears, Part 2 (#1906)

In the second episode, Jerry gives a brief overview of the "portrait smooth" surface that he's ...

Big Ears, Part 1 (#1905)

Acrylic Medium, 16x20 Gallery Wrap Canvas. This is a painting of a young male Kudu Buck of the ...

In The Shadow Of Giants, Part 2 (#1904)

In this final episode, Jerry uses #6 bristle brush to scrub in some brush, bushes, with a mottling ...

In The Shadow Of Giants, Part 3 (#1903)

In episode 3, Jerry starts with #4 chisel-edge brush and begins highlighting on the back of one of ...

In The Shadow Of Giants, Part 2 (#1902)

In episode 2, Jerry adds silver-lining to clouds with #4 round sable and use of soft, segmented ...

In The Shadow Of Giants, Part 1 (#1901)

Acrylic Medium, 12x24 Gallery Wrap canvas. Jerry reviews this painting's African theme focusing on ...

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