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Rough Cut - Woodworking With Tommy Mac

Episode Guide

Season 5

Patio Prep Station (#501)

Guest: PAUL WAHLBERG. This week on Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac, we're getting ready for ...

Season 4

Garden Bench (#413)

Who doesn't need a nice garden bench for their outdoor spaces? In the season finale of Rough Cut, ...

Kitchen Scraps (#412)

This episode is dedicated to those items in the kitchen that you can make easily in a quick ...

Pub Table (#411)

This week on Rough Cut, we'll be building a versatile draw leaf table and show you the secret that ...

Chairs X 2 (#410)

This week on Rough Cut, we show the advantages to mass production by building a chair and then ...

Baseball Bat Bed (#409)

This episode of Rough Cut features Tommy's all-time favorite project - a baseball bat bed that's ...

Bird House (#408)

This episode of Rough Cut is officially for the birds. We're going to build three bird houses and ...

Bookstand (#407)

Learn to build a frame and panel bookstand that's perfect for any room. And for our Rough Cut Road ...

Rice Paper Divider (#406)

In this episode of Rough Cut, Tommy builds an elegant and versatile bass wood room divider. In ...

Federal Hall Table (#405)

With this episode of Rough Cut, we'll bring you back to the 1700's and look at some of the federal ...

Glass Desk Lamp (#404)

In this episode of Rough Cut, Tommy builds a beautiful art glass table lamp featuring ...

Memory Box (#403)

This special episode of Rough Cut features Boston Police Chief Ed David sharing his memories of the ...

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