The Mind Of A Chef

Episode Guide

Season 2

Seeds (#202)

It all began when Sean Brock went looking for Jimmy red corn. That simple journey turned into a ...

Southerners (#201)

It's Sean's mission in life to expose to the world the regional varieties of Southern cuisine and ...

Season 1

Buddies (#116)

David Chang cooks and goofs around with his friends Peter Meehan in Japan, Laurent Gras, Sat Bains, ...

Smoke (#115)

David Chang profiles regional BBQ in North Carolina, Texas and Kansas City and the other-worldly ...

Sweet Spot (#114)

David Chang's protege Christina Tosi makes corn cookies three ways and her three-layered Arnold ...

Soy (#113)

Airs: Monday, November 17
Savor an entire episode devoted to soy. David Chang visits tofu and miso factories in Japan, Chef ...

Fresh (#112)

Airs: Friday, November 14
This episode explores the idea of fresh in the kitchen: instant broth, pea agnollini, fresh and ...

New York (#111)

Airs: Thursday, November 13
Enjoy this all-New York episode with the Torrisi boys, oysters, carrot dashi and farming. David ...

Japan (#110)

Airs: Wednesday, November 12
David Chang travels from Tokyo to Kyoto to meet and eat with friends. He visits a street market in ...

Chef (#109)

Airs: Tuesday, November 11
David Chang prepares eggs with his chef pals -Wylie Dufresne, Daniel Patterson and Rene Redzepi - ...

Gluttony (#108)

Airs: Monday, November 10
It's gluttonous goodness in this episode - over-the-top indulgence with Joe Beef chefs Federic ...

Simple (#107)

Airs: Friday, November 7
Dishes presented in this episode are deceptively simple. David Chang travels to Japan for some ...

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