Martha Bakes

Episode Guide

Season 7

Great Lakes (#713)

Airs: Thursday, June 29
Today on Martha Bakes! Join Martha as she makes four mouthwatering regional favorites from the ...

South (#712)

Airs: Tuesday, June 27
Some of Martha's all-time favorite desserts hail from the South. Join Martha in the kitchen as she ...

Southwest (#711)

Airs: Sunday, June 25
Southwestern cuisine is deeply rooted in Spanish, Mexican, and Native American culinary tradition. ...

West (#710)

Airs: Friday, June 23
The Western States are paradise for home bakers and chefs alike. Join Martha as she shares four ...

South Atlantic (#709)

Entertaining in the South Atlantic wouldn't be complete without dessert. Martha prepares Virginia ...

Pennsylvania Dutch (#708)

The Pennsylvania Dutch community is known for its cakes, pies, and pastries. In this lesson, four ...

Gulf (#707)

Along the Gulf Coast, tremendous pride is taken in serving guests, from the most elegant hors ...

New England (#706)

Join Martha as she shares four iconic recipes highlighting New England's rich culinary heritage. A ...

Southern Classics (#705)

Today on Martha Bakes, three of Martha's favorite Southern classics: hummingbird cake, an ...

Northwest (#704)

The Northwest is known for their world-class produce. Join Martha as she celebrates the best of the ...

Midwest (#703)

In the Midwest, baking for community get-togethers is commonplace. Today, on Martha Bakes, four ...

Mid-Atlantic (#702)

Airs: Saturday, July 15
Join Martha as she shares four mouthwatering regional favorites from the Mid-Atlantic. In this ...

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