A Chef's Life

Episode Guide

Season 4

Mayo - The Mother Sauce (#410)

Vivian holds a mayo blind taste test and a surprise brand takes top prize. After a new chef takes ...

Heavenly Hocks (#409)

A view behind-the-scenes reveals the hot and cold of curing ham. At a New York dinner party hosted ...

All Sunchoked Up (#408)

Flo and Theo's pre-school class visit the restaurant for a meal where table manners are the focus, ...

More Than One Way To Skin A Catfish (#407)

An up-close-and-personal experience with farm-raised catfish offers Vivian an enlightened ...

Rabbit (#406)

Vivian attends the Carolina Meat Conference and demonstrates rabbit processing. As a cherished ...

Cabbage's Last Stand (#405)

Airs: Wednesday, August 30
Vivian can't resist the opportunity to romp around the city before firing up the BBQ cabbage at ...

Stand By Your Cabbage (#404)

Airs: Sunday, August 27
Vivian's summer itinerary picks up with a 14-day photoshoot as she preps for a first-time trip to ...

Peas, Please (#403)

Airs: Wednesday, August 23
As a visit from her editor accelerates book preparations, Vivian reckons with handing over the ...

My Watermelon Baby (#402)

Airs: Sunday, August 20
The heat is high and watermelons are ripe. After a summer away from the restaurant, Vivian returns ...

Onions And Avetts (#401)

Spring onions kick off the season as Vivian takes a break from penning her first cookbook to ...

Season 3

One Potato, New Potato (#313)

Join Vivian to judge the Southern Sides competition at the BBQ Festival, and see her version of the ...

What's Your Beef? (#312)

Find out how Vivian's whole-cow program, after some initial hiccups, finds its groove. Mrs. ...

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