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Season 2

The Sam Problem/Mac The Fork (#222)

Airs: Friday, July 28
The Sam Problem - Peg's Pizza Place. Jesse fears that if his Mom gets married she'll love him less. ...

The Fuzzball Problem/The Silliest Song Problem (#221)

Airs: Thursday, July 27
The Fuzzball Problem - Outer Space / Pellicius. In an outer space adventure, intergalactic ...

The Friday T He 13th Problem/The Looking Glass Pro (#219)

Airs: Wednesday, July 26
The Friday the 13th Problem - Camp Ninwawa. At the camp sleepover, Richard is terrorized by a ...

The Pentagirls Problem/The Tree Problem Of Nationa (#218)

Airs: Tuesday, July 25
The Pentagirls Problem - Recording Studio. The Pentagirls get to record with the famous Worm. But ...

The Funky Seventies Problem/The Umbrella Problem (#217)

Airs: Monday, July 24
The Funky Seventies Problem - Woodstock. Peg's grandparents love groovy 60s tunes, but their pet ...

The Dance Problem/Follow The Bouncing Ball (#216)

Airs: Friday, July 28
The Dance Problem - Peg's Room / Radio City Music Hall. Peg and Cat can dance with their idol Misty ...

Another Train Problem/The Odd Sea (#215)

Airs: Thursday, July 27
Another Train Problem - The Peg + Cat Express. Albert Einstein's prize is missing! The clues point ...

The Tree By The Nile Problem/The Eid Al-Adha Adven (#213)

Airs: Wednesday, July 26
The Tree By the Nile Problem - Ancient Egypt. Cat gets stuck in a tree in Egypt - with 3 ...

The Poetry Problem/The Disappearing Art Problem (#211)

Airs: Tuesday, July 25
The Poetry Problem - Amherst / Purple Planet / Peg's Pizza Place / Mega Mall. Peg and Cat lead ...

Peg Meets Cat/The Valentine's Day Problem (#210)

A Peg Meets Cat - Carnival. Baby Peg is desperate to tell Mom she wants that stray kitty for her ...

The Too Big Dog Problem/The Giant Baby Problem (#209)

Airs: Monday, July 24
The Too Big Dog Problem - Peg's Yard. Big Dog is too big to play Little Red on Peg's stage, until ...

Peg And Cat Save The World: Part 2 (#208)

Peg and Cat Save the World: Part 2 Washington, D.C. Peg and Cat call everyone they know to save the ...

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