Lidia's Kitchen

Episode Guide

Season 4

Acidity (#426)

Airs: Wednesday, May 31
At the base of Italian cuisine are essential Italian ingredients and vinegar is one of them. Lidia ...

Italian Cakes (#425)

Airs: Monday, May 29
The oven is on today in Lidia's Kitchen, and she is sharing some of her best cakes. There is a ...

Bolognese (#424)

Airs: Friday, May 26
It's a world famous technique but made with milk, it is famous only in the Italian region of Emilia ...

Best Of Zucchini (#423)

Airs: Wednesday, May 24
Zucchini is a versatile vegetable, and in this episode, viewers watch as Lidia shares several of ...

Olive Oil (#422)

Airs: Monday, May 22
Olive oil reigns in Lidia's kitchen, and in this episode she teaches how to use it from appetizer ...

More Italian American Favorites (#421)

Airs: Friday, May 19
Italian American classics have always been favorites at the family table and in this episode, there ...

The Tomato (#420)

Airs: Wednesday, May 17
The tomato Is not native to Italy, but it made a big impact on Italian cuisine when it arrived ...

My Favorite Braises (#419)

Airs: Monday, May 15
Braising is a preferred technique in Lidia's kitchen and today she prepares one rich braised meat ...

Cheese (#418)

Airs: Friday, May 12
Italians love cheese, and with more than 460 varieties made in Italy, it leads to many ...

Vegetable Favorites (#417)

Airs: Wednesday, May 10
Italy is a garden year round, and Lidia celebrates an array of beautiful vegetable dishes ...

Sweet And Savory (#416)

Airs: Monday, May 8
It's all about the balance today as Lidia pairs some unexpected ingredients that result in the best ...

Steak House Favorites (#415)

Airs: Friday, May 5
Steak is a favorite in many American households, and this episode is a tribute to the nice juicy ...

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