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Victory Garden's Ediblefeast

Episode Guide

Season 36

Palm Beach (#3606)

Airs: Tuesday, January 27
Visit Palm Beach, Florida, where Dr. John Zahina-Ramos of Just One Backyard shows how to plant ...

The Bay Area (#3605)

Airs: Tuesday, January 20
Edible San Francisco editor Bruce Cole gives gardening tips from his backyard garden, including how ...

New York City (#3604)

Airs: Tuesday, January 13
See how innovative gardeners and farmers make it work in New York City. First, visit a former chef ...

Ohio (#3603)

Airs: Tuesday, January 6
Explore Ohio. Visit a man who wasn't happy with what he saw working as a dairy farmer, so he ...

Memphis (#3602)

Airs: Tuesday, December 30
Memphis, Tennessee, is this week's destination. Visit an organic garden in a tough South Memphis ...

Minnesota (#3601)

Season 35

Episode #3513

Travel to Georgia to meet farmers and foragers who gather local ingredients for a feast in the ...

Episode #3512

In California, visit with farmers and community groups who distribute excess crops to food pantries ...

Episode #3511

In Montana, meet a rancher and his family with an entirely new take on raising cows and horses and ...

Episode #3510

In Arkansas, we catch and prepare frogs, before traveling to Maryland to explore the other end of ...

Episode #3509

In the mountains of the Eastern Cascades, hunt for morel mushrooms and see how they're prepared for ...

Episode #3508

Off the coast of Maine, catch lobster and learn about the sustainability issues faced by the local ...

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