Best Of The Joy Of Painting

Episode Guide

Season 30

Golden Rays Of Sunlight (#3035)

Walk a shadowy forest with Bob Ross and delight in warm sunbeams piercing the darkness.

Mountain Waterfall (#3034)

High mountains overlooking lovely falling water -- a fabulous Bob Ross masterpiece!

Autumn Days (#3033)

A dark and mysterious spot by the stream, see Bob Ross at his creative best!

Crimson Oval (#3032)

Shades of crimson, lavender and gold surround a bubbling brook; a gorgeous oval painting by Bob ...

Before The Snowfall (#3031)

Experience the quiet anticipation of a soon-to-fall snow cover in this beautiful Bob Ross painting.

First Snow (#3030)

Follow Bob Ross into a lovely mountain setting where the first touches of snow are appearing in the ...

Little Home In The Meadow (#3029)

Bob Ross uses his oval magic to paint a lovely cabin situated in a serene little meadow.

Winter Elegance (#3028)

Even a cold winter can display signs of astonishing beauty, as seen in this lovely Bob Ross ...

Fisherman's Trail (#3027)

Hike into the wilderness with Bob Ross and discover a pathway leading into a favorite fishing spot.

Winter Paradise (#3026)

Bob Ross creates a spectacular warm winter mountain in an oval, with crisp snowy bushes and trees ...

Days Gone By (#3025)

Take a hike with painter Bob Ross (if only on canvas!) along a winding dirt road that leads to a ...

Haven In The Valley (#3024)

Experience majestic mountains overlooking a little cabin in the valley - so much beauty in today's ...

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