Sesame Street

Episode Guide

Season 46

Abbys Fairy Garden (#4611)

Airs: Tuesday, June 27
Abby is going to teach Elmo how to garden, but a gnome takes his seeds and flower pot. Abby and ...

Say Thank You To Your Face Day (#4610)

Airs: Wednesday, June 14
Elmo helps Abby, Grover, and Telly figure out how to say thank you to our nose, eyes, and mouth all ...

What I Love About Art (#4609)

Telly learns that by using his imagination and experimenting, he can make art in lots of different ...

When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame (#4608)

Airs: Saturday, May 27
Elmo, Chris, and their friends on Sesame Street have dressed up as dinosaurs. With help from Elmo's ...

The Best Friend Band (#4607)

Elmo and Abby learn how to compromise and combine their two favorite songs, creating the Best ...

Valentines Day (#4606)

Airs: Tuesday, June 13
It's Valentine's Day on Sesame Street! Elmo and Abby make valentines for each other and learn about ...

Funny Farm (#4605)

Airs: Thursday, June 15
Elmo, Abby, and Alan help Grover think like a farm animal so he can throw the perfect party for ...

Saved By Super Foods (#4604)

Airs: Wednesday, June 7
The SuperFood Super Foods fly onto Sesame Street to help their friends try new foods, find a ...

Grovers Street Safari (#4603)

Airs: Tuesday, June 20
Grover takes Elmo and friends on a Sesame Street Safari and they pretend to be all of the wild ...

Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer (#4602)

With Mucko Polo (Alan Cumming), Elmo, Abby, and Oscar use their five senses to explore and search ...

Bedtime Story (#4601)

Airs: Friday, June 2
While sleeping over Elmo's house, Abby learns how to change her bedtime routine to help her calm ...

Season 45

The Camouflage Challenge (#4594)

Elmo and Rosita learn about blending in from Camouflage Carla.

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