Sesame Street

Episode Guide

Season 44

Don't Get Push (#4402)

Airs: Monday, May 26
Telly, Baby Bear, and Rosita are playing school, and Telly is the teacher! He asks someone to come ...

Telly Gets Jealous (#4401)

Telly and Baby Bear are outside playing with their pets. Telly tries to get his hamster, Chuckie ...

Season 43

Great Vibrations (#4326)

Bob is conducting a class of kids playing different musical instruments. Abby walks by and is ...

Porridge Art (#4325)

Baby Bear is excited to learn that his favorite porridge brand "Quaker Porridge" is holding a ...

Trashgiving Day Parade (#4324)

It's Trashgiving Day on Sesame Street, the grouchiest holiday of the year. Oscar is in charge of ...

Max The Magician (#4323)

Max the Magician magically appears on Sesame Street as Rosita, Big Bird, and Elmo are eating snacks ...

Rocco's Playdate (#4322)

Elmo and Zoe have an arts and crafts play date, but Rocco, Zoe's pet rock, is upset that he doesn't ...

Lifting Snuffy (#4321)

Zoe choreographed a special dance, "The Dance of the Six Swans," that she would like her friends to ...

Fairy Tale Science Fair (#4320)

Baby Bear and Telly are reporters at the Sesame Street Fairy Tale Science Fair where everyone's ...

The Best House of the Year (#4319)

Elmo is outside roller skating when he and Leela hear construction noises. They investigate and ...

Build A Better Basket (#4318)

Alan, Rosita, and Elmo are putting together a basket full of goodies for Little Red Riding Hood to ...

Figure It Out Baby (#4317)

Alan and Telly are very excited that their favorite singer, LMNOP, is performing on Sesame Street. ...

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