Episode Guide

Season 27

Creekside Home Fixtures (#2724)

See how the fixtures are chosen and installed at the new home.

Creekside Home Cabinets (#2723)

Learn about planning, selecting and installing cabinets.

Creekside Home Interiors (#2722)

Explore new ways to complement a home's architecture with interior finishes.

Creekside Home Yardscapes (#2721)

See how stone, pavers and plants complement the new home exterior.

Creekside Home Exteriors (#2719)

Find out how multiple elements are blended to create harmonious exteriors.

Creekside Home Mechanicals (#2718)

Learn about the critical steps in saving energy with a new home's mechanical systems

Energy Smart Sunroom (#2717)

Airs: Thursday, July 31
See how new doors, finished millwork and a ceiling fan freshen up an aging sunroom while increasing ...

Creekside Home Garage (#2716)

Airs: Tuesday, July 29
Discover the secrets to keeping a new garage well- drained and warm.

Creekside Home Dried In (#2715)

Airs: Thursday, July 24
See the last few steps needed to get things dried in, including a lot of glass from top to bottom.

Creekside Home Concrete (#2714)

Airs: Tuesday, July 22
Find out what it takes to make a basement floor water- tight and warm to the toes.

Creekside Home Drainage (#2713)

Airs: Thursday, July 17
Learn about PVC fittings, plastic plumbing supplies and solving big drainage issues in new home ...

Creekside Home Siding (#2712)

Exterior elements begin with staining and applying shingle siding.

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