Episode Guide

Season 44

Building Chernobyl's Megatomb (#4408)

Airs: Wednesday, April 26
Engineers race to build a massive dome to contain the crumbling remains of Chernobyl's reactor.

Holocaust Escape Tunnel (#4407)

Airs: Wednesday, April 19
In the heart of Lithuania, a Holocaust secret lies buried.? A team of archaeologists probes the ...

Why Trains Crash (#4406)

Trains are essential for moving freight and people throughout the world, but they are far from ...

The Origami Revolution (#4405)

Engineers race to build a massive dome to contain the crumbling remains of Chernobyl's reactor.

Ultimate Cruise Ship (#4404)

Weighing 54,000 gross tons and stretching over two football fields, the Seven Seas Explorer is no ...

Search For The Super Battery (#4403)

Join renowned gadget geek and host David Pogue as he sets out on a quest to discover how batteries ...

The Nuclear Option (#4402)

Five years after the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the unprecedented trio of meltdowns at ...

Secrets Of The Sky Tombs (#4401)

A team of daring scientists reveals ancient secrets of the first people to settle the forbidding ...

Season 43

Treasures Of The Earth: Power (#4320)

Drill down to discover how Earth's natural treasures provide bountiful energy to power our modern ...

Treasures Of The Earth: Metals (#4319)

Gold, bronze, iron, steel... metals are pillars of our civilization, but what makes them so ...

Treasures of The Earth: Gem (#4318)

Gemstones like diamonds, rubies, opal and jade are the ultimate treasures. Delve into Earth's ...

Super Tunnel (#4317)

Follow an army of engineers and designers as they tackle the complex challenge of building ...

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