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Season 14

D.w., Queen Of The Comeback/In My Africa (#1409)

D.W., Queen of the Comeback - The Tibbles tease, D.W. fires back, the Tibbles taunt, D.W. has a ...

Arthur Unravels/All The Rage (#1408)

Arthur Unravels - Knit, one, pearl two, knit one, pearl two. Grandma Thora teaches Arthur to knit ...

Around The World In 11-Minutes/Muffy And The Big B (#1407)

Around the World in 11-Minutes - Pal, Baby Kate, Amigo, and Mei Lin enthusiastically accept Nemo's ...

Follow The Bouncing Ball/Buster Baxter And The Let (#1406)

Follow the Bouncing Ball - Alberto Molina's beloved soccer ball - signed by his favorite Ecuadorian ...

Tales Of Grotesquely Grim Bunny (#1405)

Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny - When the local comic book store changes ownership, the new darker ...

Falafelosophy/The Great Lint Rush (#1404)

Falafelosophy - At the urging of guest-star author Neil Gaiman ("Coraline," "The Graveyard Book") ...

Nicked By A Name/The Play's The Thing (#1403)

Nicked by a Name - There is a virus spreading through Lakewood Elementary! It changes the way ...

The Agent Of Change/D.w. Unties The Knot (#1402)

The Agent of Change The latest animated hit in movie theaters about a boy and his truck has left ...

The Wheel Deal/The Buster Report (#1401)

The Wheel Deal - After an injury, Brain has to spend some time using a wheelchair. But now he can't ...

Season 13

Looking For Bonnie/The Secret Origin Of Supernova (#1310)

Looking for Bonnie - Famous rock musician Dean Lomax visits Elwood City and calls on George's dad ...

Paradise Lost/The Pride Of Lakewood (#1309)

Paradise Lost - Baby Kate is growing up! She's started saying her first words. But strangely ...

Fernlets By Fern/Prunella And The Haunted Locker (#1308)

Fernlets by Fern - As part of her latest business venture, Muffy talks Fern into writing poems for ...

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