Antiques Roadshow

Episode Guide

Season 19

Vintage Denver (#1927)

Uncover changes in the value of appraisals from 15 years ago. Highlights include a Bakelite ...

Vintage Charleston (#1926)

Look back to 2000 and learn what has since happened in the antiques market. Highlights include ...

Vintage St. Louis (#1925)

See today's value for items originally appraised 15 years ago. Highlights include an 1847 Petrus ...

Chicago, Hour Three (#1924)

Discover an eclectic array of discoveries in Chicago, such as 1989 Keith Haring graffiti art, a ...

Chicago, Hour Two (#1923)

Discover an eclectic array of discoveries in Chicago, such as 1989 Keith Haring graffiti art, a ...

Chicago, Hour One (#1922)

Travel to Chicago for finds like a 1969 "Chicago Seven" signed subpoena, a 1961 Leonora Carrington ...

Albuquerque, Hour Three (#1921)

Albuquerque reveals classic items from the past, including a 1962 sonic blue Fender Stratocaster, a ...

Albuquerque, Hour Two (#1920)

Journey to Albuquerque for finds such as a 1969 Jasper Johns flag print, a 1939 inscribed ...

Albuquerque, Hour One (#1919)

Discover the treasures of Albuquerque, including a 1969 Woodstock jacket and program, a silk ...

Charleston, Hour Three (#1918)

The final hour in Charleston, West Virginia, features standout appraisals that include a Newcomb ...

Charleston, Hour Two (#1917)

Hour two in Charleston, West Virginia, features highlights such as a collection of Marilyn Monroe ...

Charleston, Hour One (#1916)

In Charleston, West Virginia, new appraisals include an archive of the Oak Ridge Journal, the ...

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