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Season 12

How Does Personal Identity Persist Through Time? (#1205)

Is the self an illusion? Decades roll by; every molecule of my body changes many times over. Yet I ...

What's The New Atheism? (#1204)

I hope God exists, which is why I listen to atheists and follow their arguments. If hope trumps ...

What Would It Feel Like To Be God? (#1203)

God is said to be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good. But what is God's private mental life? Is ...

How Do Humans Differ From Other Animals? (#1202)

Physically, humans and animals seem similar. Mentally, humans seem so superior. What's so special ...

Did The Universe Have A Beginning? (#1201)

Some scientists claim that the universe did not have a beginning. Some theologians contend that the ...

Season 11

Confronting Consciousness (#1113)

Consciousness is what mental activity feels like inside-the private inner experience of sensation, ...

Does Hell Reveal God? (#1112)

What kind of God would create hell? Does the truth of Christianity, Judaism and Islam depend on the ...

What's in a Resurrection? (#1111)

Judaism, Christianity and Islam each proclaim a resurrection of the dead-a bodily reconstruction of ...

Is Free Will An Illusion? (#1110)

Some philosophers and scientists claim that because every event is determined by prior events, ...

Why Is Free Will A Big Question? (#1109)

Free will seems obvious, simple, common; but it's subtle, profound, maddening, Free will probes the ...

What Is God's Eternity? (#1108)

Does God exist in time, experiencing time's flow? Or is God eternal, existing outside of time, ...

What Would An Infinite Cosmos Mean? (#1107)

Do stars and spaces go on forever? Do the numbers of galaxies, and even of universes, have no end? ...

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