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Season 17

Death Disrupted? (#1701)

Religions offer life after death. Many people are skeptical. Evidence for post-mortem survival? ...

Season 16

Marvin Minsky: Like No Other (#1613)

One of artificial intelligence's legendary pioneers, Marvin Minsky, recently died. With this ...

Does Philosophy Help Science? (#1612)

What constitutes good science? Are there limits to science? If so, what are the boundaries? How ...

What Is Philosophy Of Science? (#1611)

Can science discover all truths? Or are there truths beyond science? What is science? A process? A ...

Fallacies In Arguing For God? (#1610)

When believers argue that God exists, what mistakes do they make? What are their errors in logic as ...

Does Consciousness Defeat Materialism? (#1609)

Does anything exist beyond the physical world? If yes, could consciousness undermine materialism? ...

Can Enlarged Materialism Explain Consciousness? (#1608)

Materialism is the belief that only physical things are real. But physical things seem so utterly ...

Can Brain Alone Explain Consciousness? (#1607)

Can physical facts about the brain account for mental experiences of the mind? Has philosophy of ...

Religious Faith: Rational Or Rationalization? (#1606)

There is strain between faith and reason, yet many people proclaim their faith. Why? What generates ...

Can God And Science Mix? (#1605)

Science and religion each claims dominion over deep reality. But science and religion are not ...

How Do Consciousness And Language Relate? (#1604)

Why the tension between consciousness, my inner experience, and language, enabling thought and ...

How Could God Make Miracles? (#1603)

Where do miracles fit in belief systems that center on God? If God exists, how could God make ...

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