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"Made Here" defines a broad range of content from local filmmakers, allowing Vermont PBS to share a wider range of local stories as seen through many different eyes.

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A Day In Vermont With Artist Peter Huntoon

Join Vermont plein-air painter Peter Huntoon as he takes us through his artistic process, demontrating technique and sharing stories. Peter has been painting professionally since 1994. A life long passion for art and his native state of Vermont are evident in his work. More...

The Collinwood Fire

On March 4, 1908, the Collinwood Elementary School burned to the ground, trapping and killing 172 school children, two teachers and one rescuer. The Collinwood Fire reanimates the inferno through the sensationalist newspaper headlines of the day and the silent moving picture images of an aspiring young filmmaker cranking his camera at the blaze. More...

Tent Village

The Tent Village is a nuanced view into the lives of roadside tent dwellers in India, filmed by their teenaged children. It is an unflinching yet gentle exploration of the inter-play between external oppression, internalized self-defeat, and hope. The uniqueness of the film comes through the young women's perspective, having worked as beggars and garbage collectors before being educated. More...


On By

On by! is how mushers tell their dog teams to keep going past obstacles and distractions. Peggy Grass is a grower, a musher, and a fifteen-year cancer survivor. More...


Migration immerses the viewer in the arduous journey Dukha reindeer herders embark on each year traveling through Mongolia's pristine wilderness to reach their summer encampment.  More...


Deep in what was once considered the darkest heart of Africa, on one of the world's largest and most pristine lakes, the MV Liemba doggedly perseveres, ferrying passengers and cargo up and down the remote eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. For nearly a century, the ship has served as the primary means of travel, and a critical avenue of commerce, for soldiers, traders, missionaries and migrants on Lake Tanganyika. More...

Last Night

On a late summer evening, a young woman travels by bicycle to a rustic mountain camp, where she meets a pensive young man for a hike in the woods. As they walk comfortably with each other through the sun-dappled forest, it becomes clear that they're spending their last night together. Later, in the glow of a campfire and in a weathered one-room cabin, the profound importance of this night is revealed.  More...

Jack & Em

Jack and Em is a love story about loss, and to when put yourself aside and keep pushing through for the people who need you. More...


CEREMONY is a spiritual journey among shamans in northern Mongolia. The documentary revolves around a specific ceremony in the steppes. Outside we see mists with reindeer emerging, smoke coming from stovepipes through the poles of the Siberian tipis or urts, animals grazing on the steppe, and the moon in a clear sky. Inside, we experience a mysterious ritual as a shaman slips into a trance around midnight when the stars come out. More...


SEASON 2 - Winter / SPRING 2017

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Divided By Diversity

In 2010, five student athletes from the Bronx, NY were accepted to attend a private Catholic school in Vermont. The youths were met with resistance and resentment. "Divided by Diversity" tells the story of how these young men, along with their coaches, teammates and supporters, endured racial attacks tension. More...

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The Forest Legacy Program, For Now And Forever

he Forest Legacy Program began in Vermont and was established in the 1990 Farm Bill to protect forest areas through acquiring the land for public ownership or purchase. This film highlights the genesis of the program in Vermont to protect working forests and the eventual spread of the program nationwide. More...

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High Water Mark: The Rise & Fall Of The Pants

Are The Pants "the best band you've never heard," or one of thousands of talented acts that got caught up in the shifting tides of the music biz? High Water Mark: The Rise & Fall of The Pants explores the lasting footprint that The Pants had on Burlington, Vermont's vibrant music scene in the 1990s and the intense, devoted fandom the band has enjoyed since. More...

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Short Films by Michael Fisher

Stations - Returning from war, a soldier condemns the girl he left behind for her perceived disloyalty. Starring, Lane Gibson, McKenna Lee, Mary Scripps and Brooke Sivertsen

Organ - A man is in love with the organist at a country church. The only thing he has to offer her is still held tightly by a former love. Starring, Matthew Goudey and Jane Beaumont Snyder

State Trooper - Music/Dance video starring E-Knock. Music: Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper" Trentemoller Remix

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When Brenda and Phil make the devastating decision to take their newborn daughter off life support, they must retreat to separate corners to grieve. Once Brenda gets the go-ahead to try again, they come out fighting, wondering if they can retrieve the trust and courage they once had together to take another chance on building their family. "UnSpoken" was shot entirely in Vermont. More...

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The Land

The Land is a short documentary film about the nature of play, risk and hazard set in The Land, a Welsh "adventure" playground. At The Land children climb trees, light fires and use hammers and nails in a play-space rooted in the belief that kids are empowered when they learn to manage risks on their own. More...

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A Joyful Mind

A documentary film that provides a multifaceted overview of meditation. Filmed at locations throughout the U.S. and Asia, A Joyful Mind explores what it means to meditate through candid interviews and visits with novice and master practitioners, scientists, and professionals who are incorporating mindfulness and meditation into their lives and workplaces. More...

Vermont Is For Lovers

Two New Yorkers head to Vermont to get married but once there they begin to question whether marriage is such a good idea. They turn to the locals for advice-setting in motion one of the freshest American comedies in quite a while. Director John O'Brien gets wonderfully unaffected performances from his fellow Vermonters, in landscapes so beautiful you'll want to break your lease and move. More...

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Man With A Plan

John O'Brien's classic Vermont film Man with a Plan is a "mockumentary" that portrays the story of the political race between a VT poor dairy farmer and a savvy politician. With no money to support himself and his ninety-five year old father, Fred Tuttle decides to run for Congress against incumbent William Blatchly. More...

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Nosey Parker

Natalie and Richard Newman move to rural Vermont where they expect the unspoiled setting and the indigenous values to rejuvenate their marriage. Natalie wants to start a family; Richard, who has grown children from a first marriage, does not. As a compromise, they build a trophy house. More...

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Champlain College Student Showcase -
Fall 2016

This program represents a selection of films from various subjects being created by current Champlain College students in the Broadcast Media Production and Filmmaking majors. More...

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The Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans 

A series that highlights Vermont's creative community with a focus on several established artisans from the Frog Hollow State Craft Center. More...

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Ski Sentinels: The National Ski Patrol

Seventy years in the making this documentary captures the evolution and can do spirit of the National Ski Patrol offering a wonderful perspective on winter sport in North America. Alpine Skiing began to be a popular Sport in America during the 1930s. More...

Spirit Of A Classic: Mad River Glen

Made in 1988 to celebrate Mad River's fortieth Anniversary, this 45 minute program captured the founders of the Ski Area describing how it was created. They relate the story and amazing restored color films show finding the land, climbing the Mt. in summer and winter to lay out the trails, constructing the ski area, and its early years. More...

Brew Hampshire

Brew Hampshire is an award-winning feature length documentary about the rise of craft beer in the Granite State. It showcases the varying shapes and sizes of breweries in New Hampshire, the fascinating personalities behind their creations, and what it is about New Hampshire that attracts the entrepreneurial spirit. More...

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An Evening Of Ghost Stories And N.E. Legends

From the stage of the historic Stadium Theater in Woonsocket, RI, comes an evening you'll never forget! Join acclaimed author and storyteller Jeff Belanger and some of New England's best orators as they recount some of the creepiest legends throughout the region to an enthusiastic live audience, with a backdrop of gorgeous imagery by photographer Frank Grace. More...

The Barber Farm Project

The Barber Farm Project follows four generations of a Vermont farm family over more than a decade as they struggle to find a way to keep their land from being developed. The film addresses important agricultural issues like the intergenerational transfer of farms, the challenges of being a small farmer, and the importance of building local food systems. More...

Lilac Ridge: Life on a Family Farm

A look at sustainable agriculture through the lens of the Thurber family's small farm in W. Brattleboro, Vt. When the current generation of owners inherited the farm, they transitioned a traditional dairy operation to organic and added vegetables, flowers and other products. Three generations of the family appear in the film, talking about life on the farm and the changes that have kept it successful. More...

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Legends Of American Skiing

Legends of American Skiing follows the evolution of Alpine skiing from its rough-and-tumble days in the High Sierras in the mid-1800s to the 1936 winter Games when skiing first became an Olympic sport. Witness Toni Matt, the only man ever to ski straight down the near-vertical headwall on Mount Washington-visit Sun Valley when it was only a dream-Stowe's first trails-Aspen when it was still a mining town. Thrilling authentic footage and accounts by those who were there. More...

Thrills And Spills In The North Country

This program will take you back to the times when winter sports blossomed throughout the Northeastern United States, to Stowe and North Conway, Woodstock, and Lake Placid. It includes scenes of ski-joring behind horses, cars and airplanes, ski races up main streets and all those places where people enjoy winter. More...

Lambing Season

Lambing Season was conceived during research for a feature script director Andrew Baker was writing about a sheep farmer. Originally shooting with the title Retiree in mind, Baker began pursuing the idea of a man - writer/sheep farmer/good sport Don Mitchell - in his golden years, with its attendant baggage and freedoms, but the material drifted toward something deeper and more richly faceted. More...

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Chester Grimes

Chester Grimes, made in 1971 by Herb Di Gioia and his partner, the late David Hancock, has not been available for public viewing in years. It tells the story of a 70-year-old logger who still worked in northern Vermont at that advanced age with his team of horses. More...

SEASON 1 - Fall 2016

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Lizzy Rogers

Lizzy Rogers is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in Film and Media Studies and a minor in Digital Arts. Focused on handmade animation, she has a particular passion for analog technologies including 16mm film. She has had films in the Indie Grits Film Festival as well as the White River Indie Festival. She currently works at the Jones Media Memorial Fellow in the Dartmouth College Library. More...

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I See Fish People

Ben Maddox shoots underwater footage of fish in the streams, lakes, ponds and waterways of Vermont. Then he adds his own musical compositions. The result is beautiful and often unseen local fish. A unique person, project and perspective – and 100% local. More...

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Eben Markowski Elephant

A 6 minute film by Natalie Stultz about Vermont sculptor Eben Markowski making his life-size elephant out of iron and steel. More...

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Dino is a short portrait of Taipei noisician Dino. Through interviews interwoven with performance footage, Dino reveals his musical past, his philosophy of performing, and the underlying Confucian principles of his practice. More...

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Made by a Vermont collective of women led by Barbara Hirschfeld & Julia Haines. A fascinating feminist experimental fiction shot on location in Vermont about a group of witches performing white magic. One of the first films restored by VAMP, the Vermont Archive Movie Project. More...

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Community At The Crossroads: Waterbury

The Community at the Crossroads documentary combines over 200 local historical photos with stories and memories from fourteen residents who lived through some of Waterbury, Vermont's most influential events.  More...

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Zephyr is a film about Connor, Izzy and Alec, a band of thieves who become a band of rockers in order to escape the mob. It's also about April, a girl stuck in her own head, whose life is turned upside-down when this hot new band crashes into her small Vermont town.  More...


This documentary, a labor of love written, directed and edited by Hollywood screenwriter and director Bill Phillips (Christine, The Beans of Egypt Maine) profiles the life and career of Sabra Field. Born in 1935, the Vermont-based Field achieved fame and recognition for her masterful printmaking. More...

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Bad Robbers

George Woodard (Director of The Summer of Walter Hacks) latest short is a slapstick tribute to the silent film featuring two bums who try to steal a truck from two old ladies. More...

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Journey To The American Cinema

This multiple award-winning comedic short film, created as part of the 2014 Cohase 48 hour film slam depicts a poor family who must struggle through the gloomy, impoverished, sometimes surreal eastern European countryside to bring Grandma to the American Cinema. More...

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Strength of The Storm

In the wake of 2011's Tropical Storm Irene, a group of Vermont mobile home park residents who lost everything banded together to restore their lives and their community. This is their inspiring story. By Vermont filmmaker Rob Koier. More...

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Flood Bound

Cut off from the outside world by Tropical Storm Irene, residents of Pittsfield, Vt., rally together to overcome adversity in this highly personal film by town resident and filmmaker Marion Abrams.  More...

Mr. Jimmy's Birthday Challenge

When Mr. Jimmy Moore challenged himself to run 80 kilometers in 1 day for his 80th birthday, his small Mississippi town got behind him to see if they too could "run their age," from age 8 to 80. More...

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Don't Leave Me Hanging

A high-stakes game of hangman for a couple on the brink. He just wants to play the game. She just wants to dodge the question. Are these two ready for forever? A delightful dark comedy adapted from a local stage production. More...

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Dead End Job

An obituary writer with an uncanny knack for predicting the demise of newsworthy people faces the ultimate deadline when she foresees her own end. As she attempts to sum up her own life, she confronts her deepest regrets and takes a step that changes the course of her life - and death. More...

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Man With A Plan

John O'Brien's classic Vermont film Man with a Plan is a "mockumentary" that portrays the story of the political race between a VT poor dairy farmer and a savvy politician. With no money to support himself and his ninety-five year old father, Fred Tuttle decides to run for Congress against incumbent William Blatchly. More...

One Alcoholic To Another

To outsiders, Alcoholics Anonymous is often considered a cult. Two filmmakers, Orly Yadin and Eleanor Lanahan, demystify an organization that has helped millions achieve sobriety. They embark on a rollicking road trip, exploring the Vermont childhoods of AA's pioneers. More...

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On The Trail

On The Trail

2010 was the 75th Anniversary of the Green Mountain Horse Association's 3-day, 100-mile race. GMHA is the oldest horse organization of its kind, and this film celebrates that event. More...

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The Fighting Breed

The Fighting Breed

The Fighting Breed: Heroic Horses of the Civil War is a new documentary that focuses on the immense role that the Morgan Horse played in the Civil War. More...

Castleton Videofest 2016

Castleton Videofest 2016

Four winning submissions in the categories of documentary, experimental/animation, narrative fiction and public service announcement are selected by a group of faculty, students and Vermont PBS. More...

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A Vermont Romance

A Vermont Romance

A Vermont Romance is 100 years old in 2016! The first feature film shot in Vermont and funded by The Vermont Progressive Party in 1916 has been newly restored. More...

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Welcome To Vermont: Four Stories Of Resettled I

Welcome To Vermont:
Four Stories Of Resettled Identity

Documentary profiling four families from Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, and Rwanda who recently resettled in Vermont, by Vermont director Mira Niagolova. More...

On The Trail

Freedom & Unity TV Award Winners

Freedom + Unity TV, an annual film contest and festival for teens and young adults, organized by filmmaker Nora Jacobson bring thoughts and ideas of Vermont's youth to the forefront.

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The Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans
(pilot episode)

Highlights Vermont's creative community with a focus on several established artisans from the Frog Hollow State Craft Center. More...

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Janis Ian Live From Grand Center

Legendary Grammy Award-winning singer songwriter Janis Ian performs 15 songs from her 40-year career in this beautifully crafted concert. More...

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Holding On

Holding On features three couples coping with the resultant physiological, cognitive, emotional, sexual, and social issues of disability. More...

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