Washington Week

Sequestration Deadline and Voters Right Act

We look at why the White House and Congress could not reach a deal to avoid the sequester before the March 1 deadline.  Plus, the potential economic impact of mandatory federal spending cuts.  Also, we analyze the Supreme Court case that challenges a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Joining Gwen: Joan Biskupic, Reuters; Gloria Borger, CNN; and David Wessel, Wall Street Journal.  
  • Obama's Asia Pivot, Rand Paul's GOP Rise
  • Ukraine Crisis, Defending Obamacare, Campaign Fundraising
  • Sebelius Resigns, Civil Rights Summit, Income Inequality
  • Campaign Donation Limits; Healthcare Politics
  • Obama admonishes Putin, the Pope & the President, SCOTUS
  • Crisis in Ukraine, U.S. Foreign Policy Credentials, 2014 Mid
  • Scott Brown's Comeback, Kerry-Lavrov Relationship, Ukraine
  • Russia-Ukraine Standoff, Feinstein vs CIA
  • Domestic and International Politics Surrounding Ukraine
  • Tensions Escalate in Ukraine and Republicans Gather at CPAC
  • Lawmakers & Shutdown Pay, Fixing Healthcare.gov
  • Ukraine, Equal Rights for LGBT community, Dingell retirement
  • Ukraine Erupts, Minimum Wage, 2014 Election Spending
  • Is Scott Brown trying to make a New Hampshire comeback?
  • Obama's Clean Debt Ceiling Bill, Obamacare Delays & GOP 2014
  • Healthcare & Jobs, Economic Jitters, Healthcare Law
  • State of the Union, Obama's Action Agenda and GOP Response
  • GOP War on Women, Clemency for Snowden, and the SOTU
  • Christie Saga, McDonnell's Downfall, Election Reform
  • NSA Reforms, Benghazi Probe, ACA Political Fallout
  • What Will 2014 Bring In Washington?
  • The Stories That Shaped 2013
  • Obama's End of Year Presser, Monitoring the NSA
  • Budget Breakthroughs, White House Shake-ups, and Diplomacy


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